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We offer everything for one source - design, development, manufacture, assembly, packaging and printing of the products. 

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008
  • DIN EN ISO13485_2003AC2009
  • CE mark
  • Sterile packaging 

Cosmetic - Meding GmbH

Cosmetic products

For more than 25 years, here at Meding we have been offering a wide range of cosmetic spatulas, cream pots, nail colour sample testers and much more. Always suitable for your brand, whether classic unmarked white, with your label as an engraving, or individually bright chromium-plated or gold-plated and printed. Everything is possible, and if one of our many designs doesn't match your product, then by working together with you, or with the agreement of your agency, we will create a suitable product. Quickly, problem-free, and at low cost.