Plastics Technology

Plastics Technology

We process technical plastics including:

  • ABS up to 311 g shot weight
  • PA 6 up to 320 g shot weight
  • PC up to 340 g shot weight
  • PMMA up to 334 g shot weight

Of course, we also manufacture ultra-small precision parts.


Plastics technology

For many years we have been manufacturing products made of technical plastics, elastoplastics (with and without silicone) and duroplasts.

We turn your wishes into products, and at the same time we offer you our comprehensive know-how in the fields of construction, prototyping, from the making of the pilot to the principal form, series manufacture, assembly and printing.

If required, we can also manufacture using your own tool.

The unscrewing of threads with exact positioning, or the pulling of 1, 2 or 3 cores, are also part of what we can offer.
For the most part, our modern ARBURG and ENGEL injection moulding machines are equipped with handling, gate removal and core pulling.

All machines are fed by means of a central feed unit.
Technical plastics are dried directly on the machine using Farragtech dry-air driers.